CloSYS Sulfate-Free Fluoride Toothpaste Mild Mint

7 oz


CloSYS Sulfate-Free Fluoride Toothpaste Mild Mint

7 oz


CloSYS Sulfate-Free Fluoride Toothpaste Mild Mint

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    • Kills germs that cause plaque
    • Eliminates bad breath for hours
    • Whitens teeth & removes stains

Looking for an effective alternative to traditional toothpastes?
Something that’s packed with powerful results, yet gentle?

You’re not alone. Unlike most toothpastes, CloSYS Sensitive Fluoride Toothpaste does not contain harmful ingredients.  Instead, we used a powerful but gentle antimicrobial, naturally activated Clorastan, for a cleaner, healthier, fresher mouth each time you brush.  No burning, no irritation, just great results.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) Free, Triclosan-free, Sulfate-free, Gluten-free, CloSYS Sensitive Fluoride Toothpaste provides these benefits: 

  • Results without abrasive ingredients – CloSYS Toothpaste does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) which has been linked to canker sores. 
  • Enamel protection – Fluoride provides exceptional enamel protection and fights cavities better than leading brands. 
  • Ideal for sensitive mouths – naturally activated & pH balanced so it’s gentle enough for sensitive mouths. 
  • Bright, white smile – CloSYS Sensitive Fluoride toothpaste gently removes stains with proper brushing. 
  • Fresh & clean without pain & irritation – Gentle Mint flavored toothpaste kills germs and fights plaque for a noticeably cleaner, brighter and fresher mouth for hours.  


Brush with a pea-size amount of CloSYS toothpaste. Use an electric toothbrush for best results. Brush a full 2 minutes being sure to angle the brush into the gumline as you brush. Brushing is as much about treating the gums as it is about cleaning the teeth to fight gum disease.


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water, hydrated silica, stabilized chlorine dioxide, sarkosyl (coconut derived), cellulose gum, titanium dioxide, peppermint oil, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, sucralose, menthol crystals, disodium hydrogen phosphate


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