HomeDNA Paternity Test Kit

1 ea


HomeDNA Paternity Test Kit

1 ea



The HomeDNA Paternity Test for At-Home Use (formerly IDENTIGENE) brings peace of mind by answering paternity questions with DNA science. With decades of experience and over 20,000 locations nationwide, it’s easy to see why HomeDNA is America’s #1 paternity test brand. 

How it Works

Simply buy this kit, use the painless cheek swabs, and send in samples with the $139 lab fee. You’ll get results online just 2 days after all samples arrive at the lab. 

Test Features

  • Fast Online Results in 2 Business Days
  • Strict Confidentiality 
  • Trackable Return Mailer for Sending DNA Samples to Our Lab 

Get your kit today, and see for yourself why so many people choose HomeDNA to answer one of life’s most important questions.

Made in United States

After receiving your kit, please follow these instructions:

  1. Register: Go to DNAtesting.com/cart to complete the Patient Information Form and to register your kit
  2. Pay: Provide payment for the required $139 lab fee
  3. Swab: Collect DNA by following the provided instructions
  4. Mail: Return your DNA samples to our lab using the trackable, prepaid return mailer 
  5. Results: Access your results online just 2 business days after your samples arrive at our lab




IMPORTANT: Test results are for peace-of-mind only and cannot be used in court. If you are a resident of New York State, you need a special kit. Please see the HomeDNA Paternity Test for New York Residents Kit for more information.

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