O2Cool Deluxe Necklace Fan Grey

1 ea


O2Cool Deluxe Necklace Fan Grey

1 ea


O2Cool Deluxe Necklace Fan Grey

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Summer heat is unbeatable but with O2COOL you can fight back! Our deluxe Personal Necklace Fan is the perfect accessory to bring with you whenever you need to stay cool. A vertical air vent allows for optimal cooling to the face so you stay chill and dry. The string goes comfortably around your neck and you can adjust it so the fan is in whatever position you desire!

Product Features:

Personal Necklace Fan
Slim Profile, Super Compact
Hands-Free Design
Lightweight for Easy Travel
Necklace is Breakaway Lanyard to Prevent Choking Hazard
Adjustable String
Vertical Airflow Through Top Vent
Battery Operated (2 AA Batteries, Not Included)

Your Personal Refreshing Breeze

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cooling breeze that keeps you feeling fresh whenever and wherever you go? With this fan, you’ll have your own personalized breeze that will combat heat, humidity, and sweat when you need it most! It’s super convenient and incredibly comfortable. No need to hold on to anything or find a place to store it, just wear it around your neck and you’re good to go!

A Stylish Accessory

Our fan is small, cute, and comes in a variety of colors that will best suit your style! It’ll go along great with any of your outfits. Bring it with you to the beach, pool, campsite, hiking trail, baseball game, barbecue, or just chill out at home or in your office!

O2COOL is all about giving our customers unexpected solutions to everyday problems. Our products are smart, and they meet day-to-day human needs. But they’re more than that! They’re ordinary objects with an extra twist. They’re clever and witty. They make everyday occasions and tasks just a little better. Not only better, but fun!

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