The future of guestroom personalization is here.

Welcome to RoomBox

RoomBox is the world’s first concierge shopping & delivery service built specifically for the hospitality industry. Guests can now personalize their stay by pre-stocking their rooms with the exact groceries & essentials they want on-hand.

Guests save time, money, and avoid the inconvenience – while hotels capture new on-site transactions, enhance the guest experience, and drive incremental revenue – all at NO COST.

Guests love having their favorite comforts of home on-hand during a stay.

Personal care & essentials                Snacks, water, candy, alcohol                    Family necessities 

Waste of valuable time                        Offensive product markups               Logistical headache

But it's an expensive, time-consuming hassle just to stock up on what they need.

When guests shop off-site or use third-party apps, hotels miss out on three profitable transactions

The three 'grocery run' transactions:

1. The Pre-Arrival Planning Run

2. The On-Arrival Stock-Up Run

3. The Intra-Stay Re-Up Run

RoomBox converts external shopping transactions into a profitable, managed-service guests love!

  • Guests can now truly personalize their rooms.
  • Generate passive incremental revenue – at NO COST.
  • Enhance the hotel experience & boost guest satisfaction.
  • Tech-first approach. Align with guest’s buying expectations.

Best of all, RoomBox runs itself.

› No expensive tech integrations

› No physical installations

› No inventory or hardware costs

› No added labor costs

› No maintenance 

› No monthly service costs

+ Earn a monthly revenue share!

How it works for guests

Guests use our web store to fill & purchase their Roombox

After booking their reservation, guests select from 1,000’s of everyday convenience products to stock their rooms with.

We safely shop for, package & deliver the Roombox to the hotel

Our shopping team carefully shops for and delivers each box directly to the hotel.

Guests get to skip the gorcery run and go straight to the fun!

The guest’s Roombox will be waiting for them at the hotel upon checking in. It’s that easy!

Turn the simple into simply amazing.

The grocery run has historically been an overlooked aspect of the travel process. Now, hotels can turn this everyday nuisance into a profitable, valued experience guests will love.


Hotels are involved by helping us to promote Roombox service out to your guests - whether that is through email communications, SMS, social, your Concierge team, etc. Guests can only take advantage of our wonderful service if they are aware of it first, so we rely on our partner properties to help us get the word out that the service is available to all guests. 

RoomBox handles all the backend operations and logistics in-house. RoomBox shopping & delivery personnel takes care of fulfillment end-to-end.  There is no need for added staff or labor costs on the hotel's part.

No, RoomBox is completely FREE for hotel and operator partners. No hardware costs, tech, labor, inventory, or other costs. Our mission is to provide your guests with a valued concierge service they will use on each of their trips.

RoomBox is a compliment to (or an extension of) the minibar, not a replacement.  The minibar is often very useful for certain 'impulse purchase' needs guests have. However, RoomBox targets a very specific need that encompasses a different transaction type. We aim to serve guests who are looking to personalize their rooms with a wide variety of their preferred products & brands - guests who want added convenience and service at fair market pricing. Furthermore, our generous revenue share program makes so that hotel's never miss out on capturing revenue that may have otherwise been received through a minibar item. 

Hotels do not need to provide storage for Roombox deliveries. We will work with your Operations & FOH teams to determine the method of last-mile delivery that works best for you and your guests. Some properties are able to hold boxes until the guest arrives, while others may require Roombox to deliver directly to the guest - we can accommodate all scenarios without the need for storage.

Great question! When an order contains a perishable item(s), we immediately process the order with our Customer Success team who will coordinate in-hand delivery directly with the guest. That is, we will communicate directly with guests to find a convenient time to deliver their order directly to them so it will not be outside necessary refrigeration.